Congratulations! You’ve made it to my blog, my new baby, and potential space of feminine bliss (although there will be something for the men every now and then too). I made this blog with the 20 something’s in mind. No one’s life is as scary and exciting as ours, and I want to touch on subjects we care about in a way that’s raw, real, and relatable. Who am I exactly? Everyone calls me Nori. I’m a 22 year old writer and Bay Area native, who would like to think of herself as the hood’s very own Carrie Bradshaw (who has some Samantha Jone’s moments from time to time). If you don’t know about Sex and the City you might wanna get your life because it’s truly iconic.  I hope my unapologetic approach to my writing and way of life finds you well and encourages you to do the same. I find my best contribution to those around me has always been through me sharing my own experiences and being unafraid to be the open book that I am. I love and welcome all feedback and conversation that is provoked through my posts and I love to be enlightened just as much as I love to enlighten others. I want to know what interests my readers and always keep communication lines open between us. Who better than a regular degular 20 something herself to be the best friend in your head that keeps you centered ? I’m somewhere between the reckless friend who encourages your nonsense and the rational one who checks you when it’s needed, so proceed with caution and enjoy!

With all my love and sarcasm,

Nori <3

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