For My Curly Haired Qweens

I’ve been having a lot of good hair days during this quarantine ! My new side hustle happens to be my own start up with a beauty company, and with me now having the time to try and buy as much as I please it has lead me to get to know my hair and skin way more than I have in the past. My hair has been the the most healthy outcome of this extra time spent with myself. So I’d like to share with my curly hair Queens what has worked for me in order to have the longer and stronger bouncy curls that you see on my story (bc I don’t even have the mental capacity to post myself on the TL these days but I’m working on it lol). I’d never steer you wrong or try to rob you so I patiently waited specifically until Friday to post this so that I can still encourage responsible spending while also reminding you it’s important to treat yourself from time to time. So allow me to steer you in the direction of your best curls:



MONAT Intense Repair Line


My absolute favorite haircare line right now is this one right here. It’s not even a matter of selling this product itself that had me sold. It’s the results I’ve experienced in a span of 3 months that really stole my heart after using this. The shampoo and conditioner aren’t thick and over bearing yet it’s concentrated enough that you don’t need to keep repurchasing products in a short time span. I’m still using the same bottles from 3 months ago and I’m not even half way done! In the grand scheme of things it saves me money and I have the best quality ingredients going into my hair. The entire line is free of parabens and sulfates AND it’s vegan. The company also doesn’t do any animal testing (I personally love a company who makes their products with love and good intent). The shampoo and conditioner repair your hair all the way from the follicle down to the ends. So in retrospect, they are repairing what is going on with your scalp and fixing the root of the problem while also hydrating your strands of hair and protecting it. If you’re looking to grow stronger healthier hair this is perfect for hydrating the hair you already have while also increasing new hair growth too. I typically have a lot of hair, but my grade of hair isn’t necessarily thick. But since using this product the volume and the thickness of my hair has increased by 50%. The rate in which my hair grows now is ridiculous. I highly recommend. If you would like to purchase do so here:


TPH by Taraji


First and foremost I had a good feeling about this because it was by Taraji and I have no problem giving my hard earned coins to another black woman but when I tried it I was super impressed! This co-wash definitely gets the job done in between washes and it does exactly what it says it does. It cleanses the hair and moisturizes it. My hair is softer than ever after using it and it takes away all the buildup and excess oils. This is by far the best co-wash I’ve used. I noticed results after the first wash and I’ve been buying this one ever since. You can find this co-wash and the entire line at Target


Emerge Back To Life Hair Mask 


This is another line I found at Target. I was shopping one day and was really attracted to the bright colors on their product labels (if we’re being honest). When I read the description on the back I figured I would give the hair mask a try because I had been needing to deep condition after dying my hair. This stuff was AMAZING!! I use it at least twice a month and it makes my hair feel really light and soft like a pillow. I also find that this product helps with shrinkage without weighing down my hair. It’s great for controlling frizz as well. I highly recommend! It’s been the only hair mask I’ve been using for the past couple of months and unless Target runs out, I’d probably never use anything else. Get yours right here: Emerge

I hope you guys enjoy these gems I’ve came across! I definitely intend to share more than just haircare. I hope to make monthly product reviews a regular thing in the future. Enjoy and send me your feedback. Let me know how they work for you and feel free to share what you love as well.






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