A pep talk for those who are currently “Social Distancing” and in Quarantine

I honestly hate the term social distancing because it sounds so gloomy in already such gloomy times. But I wanted to remind everyone that they don’t have to be, and also share what my experience has been thus far. Ironically enough I’ve had to follow this coronavirus nonsense since the very beginning because I’m a Mass Communications/ Journalism major. My final special journalism paper was on the issue of the outbreak causing blatant xenophobia and racism. Now I’m taking an investigative journalism class and I am examining the financial toll this will take on our economy.

Keep in mind that through this I have my own life and quite frankly because of school and social media I am so tired of hearing about Corona, big Rona, Ms. Rona, and whatever else we’re calling it these days. A virus has single handedly changed life for all of us as we know it. It’s been the center of my universe for weeks now with this week being the peak that I was hoping it wouldn’t have reached. My graduation as well as my grad trip are now cancelled for the time being. The love of my life may or may not be stuck in another country right now and I’m off work for the next 30 days. Due to the outbreak and the type of mental space I’ve already been in, I am “social distancing ” at this time.

For me this isn’t something that’s hard considering I’m an ambivert (introvert and extrovert) by nature. I have phases where I like to be out all the time until I burn myself out on being around people and retreat into my introvert ways. Luckily all of this turmoil aligned with me being in stay at home mode, otherwise I would be losing my mind like everyone else. Keep in mind that for a lot of us not being able to work or move freely the way we usually do WILL have an impact on our mental health during this time. But there are ways that we can make the most of staying inside.

Take this time that you have yourself to clean your space and organize because your space usually reflects your mental state and if it doesn’t right now, it will later. Make your room or your home more pleasant to be in for the time being because we’re gonna be here a while. Also make sure that you have all you need while you’re at home. Given that the entire US is short of toilet paper I’m gonna assume we all stocked up and save my fingers the workout.

Keep calm and soothe your anxieties around the situation. This isn’t the first nor the last disaster we are going to see or experience. Some people would even say the end is near (It’s me. I’m “some people”). But that doesn’t change the fact that we woke up another day and life must go on. Meditate, listen to some calming music, burn a few incense, and binge watch a few amazing shows. Relax and look at the blessing that comes out of this. We’re currently on a staycation we would have never gotten otherwise.

We should also be throwing ourselves into our passion projects and hobbies while we have this unlimited amount of time to work on them UNINTERRUPTED. Those of us that create content, make art, or music need to make the most of this time. It’s a blessing in disguise that we get to be at home and do what we love most. It could also be an opportunity to put yourself to the test and see if you’re capable of making money solely off of your passion projects. Who knows maybe you might go back to work and put those two weeks in because you realize it’s time to bet on yourself. Anything is possible.

But most importantly I know we all have bills that need to be paid. Make sure that you notify all of the places of business that you owe monthly payments to that you are currently affected by the coronavirus outbreak and that you will need an extension. There are all kinds of forgiveness programs and extensions being allotted during this time. Take care of it now so that you can relax and not stress off of rent or your electricity being turned off. Also view this time as a potential time slot to save a ton of money. No bills due ? Nowhere to go? No job to spend gas money on getting to? No reason to eat out or drink? Look at life making you buckle down and save your coins! It’s all a matter of perspective.

Last but not least, just because we’re all cooped up in the house does not mean we can’t be social. Call and FaceTime your life away. Catch up with any and everybody that you wouldn’t have the time to talk to usually. Make sure you keep communication lines open and support one another even from a distance. Remind your loved ones that you love them. Another day is never promised. Enjoy every day that you wake up. You might not have woken up in Disney land (because it’s closed) but we’re still here, and there are some people that weren’t so lucky. So live it up (inside the house) on behalf of those who didn’t make it. With a little patience we’ll all be alright.



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