10 Easy ways to start saving like a pro


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The process of saving money sounds dreadful especially when you have bills up to your ears and you’re in your 20’s trying to live your best life. But believe me it can be a whole lot easier and a lot more fun when you strategize and keep a positive attitude about it. I want you guys to actually apply this to your life and get started so you can tell me how it went for you. I’m ending my financially literacy series (for now) but I want to know how this series helped you and what more you would want me to dive into. I’ll keep it as short and sweet as possible! So let’s have at it and jump right in. Here are 10 easy ways that I save money:

1. Make clearing your debt your biggest priority

You can’t save if you’re constantly having to pay something off. Make paying off credit card debt and anything else that is a reoccurring expense coming out of your bank account A PRIORITY. You also have interest that builds up over time as you keep procrastinating paying off your debt. Do whatever you can to make the biggest payments possible without completely going broke each month.

2. Pack your lunch for work instead of buying it

Buying your lunch every single work day adds up quick! Challenge yourself to buy what you need for the month and make your lunch the night before. Less time taken out of your day and a whole lot of money still left in your pocket ! Make it stretch!

3. Cutback on your streaming services

Sacrifices are necessary. Cut out the Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus, and whatever other streaming services you have for a while and see how much you save. Cheat code: ask your loved ones if you can use theres. I cleaned up a close friends throw up out of a sink once (because I would never ever let her go out sad) and now we’re Hulu and Netflix buddies for life LMAO! Although there has been times I’ve gotten my own or split an upgrade cost with her because the point is for it to be temporary NOT a moocher. Respect the people that love you, okay?

4. Thrift and get creative with your home furnishings and decor

There’s all kinds of hidden gems at thrift stores and even places like Marshall’s, Ross, and TJ Max will have some discounted cute items. Don’t go broke trying to have a cute apartment especially if you don’t have to.

5. Don’t sleep on the discount stores (99 cent store/dollar tree etc)

Get some of your snacks from the cheapest sources possible. It’s all the same and where you got it from hardly matters. If I can get something somewhere cheaper I absolutely will. Don’t sleep.

6. Eat out only once a week or less

Eating out kills your pockets quickly. Make it a treat. Reward eating at home often with a date with your friends or your boo and split the cost. Not only did you get to eat out, you both spent a little less. Your cravings are satisfied and your savings are still thriving. Everybody wins!

7. Turn up at home

Stop spending $100 on drinks with friends at the bar and make your own at home. It’s fun and you can get as messed up as you want to in the comfort of your home.

8. Eat before shopping

Eat before you shop. You’ll get what you need without spending the extra money on your cravings. When you’re hungry you buy unnecessary food that you don’t need.

9. Use True Bill app

True Bill puts all of your bills and monthly expenses in one place. It keeps me organized and I always have my bills paid on time. By doing this I also can easily budget how much I have to spend for the month. It gets no easier than that. We love an app that keeps us organized and aware of our money !

10. Make the process fun and reward yourself for your hard work

This shouldn’t be a depressing experience by any means! You’re doing this to better your life with a goal in mind, so reward yourself so you can stay on track. It’s no different than dieting, people who don’t have a cheat day or two usually quit on their diet and never see any results. Hard work deserves reward. Create a goal and then come up with a reward system for when you reach milestones toward that financial goal.


I am financially in the best space of my life and it took a lot for me to get here. I love sharing what I learn with all of you and I want to know what works for you or any questions you have! Flood me with DM’s and emails telling me all about your journey to financial literacy and bossing up your life. I want to hear it all!

Happy Saving!



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